Small businesses are difficult to track at times. Monitoring and periodically checking up where your business is heading can be a tough task. Unlike small businesses, online casino en ligne fiable games can be tracked successfully. However, there are some user-friendly and conducive ways in which small businesses can be tracked.

There are some applications that can be uploaded to ensure small business tracking.  Some of them usually include snaps of expenditure photos, snaps of invoices, and expense reports.

Below we look at some of the effective ways that you can use to track your small business.


What it does is tracking and monitoring your small business expenses and mileage. It is an automated operation that uses GPS systems.

As a sidetracking offer, it also tracks the amount of taxes of your small business. It is a simple business application that is user-friendly. When it comes to the issue of mileage, it uses Freshbooks options to determine the mileage.

It also takes photos and integrates receipts linking them with your bank accounts thereby acting out as a confirmation of expenditure.

For those with iOS software and Android software devices, you can easily download the application of Apple Store and Play Store respectively.

Currently, a subscription fee of $7,99 per month is charged. They also deduct a certain tax from that amount.


It is spreadsheet assistance software made to put your receipts books in order, visit casino en ligne. You can place it on a mobile device. It is a cloud geared application software meaning that you can backup your data on the mobile device and desktop.

Very conducive for a small business application that has small books of accounts and small expenditures. The application also considers pictures of receipts to legitimize the spreadsheet.

Luckily for interested users, there is a 30-day trial tenure that will then translates to $15 per month.


It is expense-based tracking software, better and more efficient on iPhones, Android and Blackberry devices. What it does is that it imports some pictorial data of receipts, expenses, and exchange rates.

You have to submit and send it to the expenses entry which has various categories from dates, vendors to crucial information.

It is explicitly linked with Freshbooks when it comes to the issue of accounting and various expenses. For those that are fresh in the business arena, they will surely love it. Expenses are always accounted for because you have Freshbooks on the coupling.

A free trial is also available but it then goes on to charge $99 per year for a single user but when it comes to the setup fee it is $49 once.

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